January 2024

We will not have an auto-pick option available this year.  We will also not be allowing people to pick ahead in future weeks.  We strongly suggest getting your picks in early in the week but ALWAYS check before the deadline on the latest news regarding the NFL slate.  If a game is canceled after the start of the pool the game will not be scored with neither side getting any points or negative points.

Hard to believe we are entering our 10th year of hosting FREE football pools at

ALL POOLS ARE STILL 100% FREE.  No gimmicks or tricks or hidden fees.  We do not have real time scoring, but score games after each wave of games (TNF, 10AM Sunday, 1PM Sunday, SNF & MNF) is complete.

Start a pool right in the upper right by clicking CREATE POOL.  We will then walk you through the steps to creating your own customized pool including choosing settings, scoring options & inviting your friends, family and colleagues!

If someone has invited you to their own pool you can join by clicking JOIN POOL and entering the last 4 letters/digits of the invite link.

Pick how many teams, straight up or ATS, single elimination or a friendly game?  Or how about a Monday Night Football only pool?

Choose how many picks, straight up or ATS, Confidence Points or Key Picks?

Select the NFL team and then follow along all year to see if your spot on the grid had the winning score!


After being forced to the sidelines last year due to COVID-19 we are back on with bowl pick'ems.  Spread or straight up.  Confidence or assigned point values per pick.  

Any COVID affected cancelation will not be scored and will be considered a no contest/loss for both sides picking the game.


COVID NOTE - We will not have an auto-pick option available this year.  We will also not be allowing people to pick ahead in future weeks.  Due to the uncertainty of last minute game cancellations or players not playing we strongly suggest getting your picks in early in the week but ALWAYS check before the deadline on the latest news regarding the NFL slate.  If a game is canceled after the start of the pool the game will not be scored with neither side getting any points or negative points.


Forgive me as I take a moment to use this platform to reach out to each of you...many of you will see this message multiple times this week.  If you read it I appreciate it...if you don't that's ok too.  I have already heard back from many that received this earlier today - THANK YOU!
This week is exciting and humbling as we get the 2021 NFL season underway and we honor the victims of 9/11 20 years after the attack on our country.  We are hopefully turning the tide on this pandemic, but it has been an absolutely crazy year and a half for so many.  I reach out to each of you to say that I wish you the best of health & happiness in your life.  If you lost someone in 9/11 and/or the pandemic my deepest condolences.
My hope is that a little sports entertainment will help pull you closer to community (Sandman Nation), your family and friends and provide a reminder that these are games we play for FUN.  Maybe a brief respite in the turmoil of your day-to-day struggles & challenges.
I want to make a plea this year.  I want Sandman Nation to know that mental health is something we need to talk about and confront and be open about...especially given the extremely difficult times we live in.  Whether old challenges or current ones we all have serious issues we are dealing with and it can feel overwhelming if we do not have a support network.
If anyone needs a friend to lean on you can always email me/Bill Sanders at [email protected].  If you need to chat or text we can figure that out too.  I have heard from so many of you through the years on a weekly basis as you submit picks and banter about sports and the heartbreaks of bad beats or tough losses...or the elation of big wins.  Or you just needed to let me know you were dealing with the challenges & joys of life.  I have heard about surgeries, cancers, remissions & battles lost, deaths in the family, pregnancies & babies, graduations, college scouting trips, promotions, new companies, firings, marriages & divorces & anniversaries, etc.  I appreciate you guys letting me into your lives over the last 30+ years.  I am always here if you feel like you need someone. 
We have helped raise countless funds for families and programs and sports programs.  We have helped people so many people in need.  YOU have all done that as a part of this...
I recently have met several of you after years and years of trading emails and what an absolute treat.  I have been told our little pools have helped many of you get thru the toughest of times and that means the absolute world to me.  We can lean on each other.  If we help one person along the way it feels like it is all worth it beyond the money and the glory of winning these pools we all play in for entertainment. 
Sandman Nation & players I thank each of you for participating through the years.  We have built something that I am extremely proud of...a community that has stepped up and helped individuals thru very tough moments.
To my wife Marci and my kids Isaak, Sydney and Will thank you for the patience as I entered scores and answered endless emails and fretted over new features, bugs & new formats.  I told you guys thru the years it wasn't just about the games or scores...I hope some of that makes sense now.
To Jesse, Jim and Brett.  Thanks for helping to build the platform to bring some of my crazy ideas to life.
To Eric  Thank you for the commitment to every single one of the people out there.
To all of you...thank you for taking this ride with us and being there for each other win or lose.
My last request...make one person's life better today.  If we can all do that the world will be a much better place.

Much love to all of you and yours....take care and be well my friends & good luck!!

GOOD LUCK in 2021!

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Start your Super Bowl 54 Squares Pool 

Current Games:

NFL Squares Pools 

Click on the Create Pool button in the upper right or navigate back to the main page to check them out by hitting the button at the top.

Squares Pools are an easy way to spice up your football game party with friends, family or colleagues.  The game is simple to setup and even easier to play whether you know a lot about football or nothing at all.  If you have 2 people or 100 at your party you can quickly setup the pool, complete the grid and get back to the football game!

Nuts & Bolts - A Squares Pool is a 10x10 grid with 100 squares.  One team is represented along the top of the grid and the other team is shown down the left side with the numbers 0-9.  These numbers will be randomly generated by our system when the grid is completely filled or the Admin closes it manually.  Upon setup and when choosing your spots on the grid nobody will know what numbers will be associated with their squares.

Invitations & Choosing Squares - The Admin will create the pool and then forward the invite link to potential participants who can join the pool on any internet connected device (PC, tablet or phone).  Once registered they can navigate to the Squares grid by selecting the Squares box in the upper left of the screen.  Choose any open & available square by pressing it to reserve it.  It's that easy.

Scoring - Winners are determined using the last digit of each team's score at the end of each quarter.  The Admins can also choose the "Reverse" winners which simply swaps the scores of the teams at the end of each quarter. 

Options - The Admins can choose a max of squares per user.  They can choose 4 winners (quarters) or 8 winners (quarters + reverses) or just 1 winner (final score only).  They can also choose for numbers to be assigned and then remain constant throughout the contest or regenerated for every quarter.

Advice - This format is complete luck and there are really two trains of thought used...choose squares that are not in the same row or column to vary your assigned numbers or choose squares in the same column and/or row to maximize your chance of winning multiple quarters if you are lucky enough to get solid numbers assigned to your squares.

Questions - Email us anytime at [email protected] and we will be glad to assist.

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