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Squares Pools are an easy way to spice up your football game party with friends, family or colleagues.  The game is simple to setup and even easier to play whether you know a lot about football or nothing at all.  If you have 2 people or 100 at your party you can quickly setup the pool, complete the grid and get back to the football game!

Nuts & Bolts - A Squares Pool is a 10x10 grid with 100 squares.  One team is represented along the top of the grid and the other team is shown down the left side with the numbers 0-9.  These numbers will be randomly generated by our system when the grid is completely filled or the Admin closes it manually.  Upon setup and when choosing your spots on the grid nobody will know what numbers will be associated with their squares.

Invitations & Choosing Squares - The Admin will create the pool and then forward the invite link to potential participants who can join the pool on any internet connected device (PC, tablet or phone).  Once registered they can navigate to the Squares grid by selecting the Squares box in the upper left of the screen.  Choose any open & available square by pressing it to reserve it.  It's that easy.

Scoring - Winners are determined using the last digit of each team's score at the end of each quarter.  The Admins can also choose the "Reverse" winners which simply swaps the scores of the teams at the end of each quarter. 

Options - The Admins can choose a max of squares per user.  They can choose 4 winners (quarters) or 8 winners (quarters + reverses) or just 1 winner (final score only).  They can also choose for numbers to be assigned and then remain constant throughout the contest or regenerated for every quarter.

Advice - This format is complete luck and there are really two trains of thought used...choose squares that are not in the same row or column to vary your assigned numbers or choose squares in the same column and/or row to maximize your chance of winning multiple quarters if you are lucky enough to get solid numbers assigned to your squares.

Questions - Email us anytime at [email protected] and we will be glad to assist.

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