Q: How can I see everyone’s picks?

A: After the deadline passes you will be able to see all poolwide picks in the STANDINGS section.


Q: How can I create a new pool?

A: You can create a pool by going to CREATE POOL in the upper right.  Then from the list of active pool options you can click the radio button for the pool type you would like to create.  Then name your pool and click the CREATE button. The wizard will then lead you through the steps of creating your pool – settings, scoring options, roster, rules, etc.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email [email protected] for assistance.


Q: How do I join a pool?

A: You can join a pool by clicking the link from the pool admin or by clicking JOIN POOL in the upper right of the site and entering the last 4 letters/digits of the join link.


Q: How can I add another entry to a pool I have joined?

A: Click the MY POOLS in the upper right and then click the little pencil icon next to your main entry & then select “Add another entry”.  You can repeat this process to add more entries.


Q: How can I share my entry with someone else?

A: Click MY POOLS in the upper right, then click the little pencil icon next to your pool entry you want to share and then click “Co-own this entry with a friend” & then follow the wizard.


Q: How can I delete an entry I created by accident?

A: Click MY POOLS in the upper right, then click the little pencil "edit entry" next to the pool entry you want to delete and then click “Delete this entry”.


Q: If I have pool or feature ideas who can I contact?

A: Send an email to [email protected] for game ideas or feature requests or you can click the HELP box in the upper middle to send suggestions.


Q: How can I contact my pool admin?

A: Click the EMAIL ADMIN box in the upper middle to send them an email.


Q: How can I add a co-admin?

A: Go to ADMIN, then click the ROSTER tab, then change the status of the entry to Manager.  They will have full ADMIN privileges.


Q: How can I update my email and/or password?

A: Go to PROFILE box if you aren’t an admin or ADMIN box if you are an admin in the upper middle of the site.  Click Profile tab.


Q: How can I update my screen name?

A: A: Go to PROFILE box if you aren’t an admin or ADMIN box if you are an admin in the upper middle of the site.  Click Profile tab. You will see a list of screen names on the right. Click the blue link to update the screen name.


Q: I’m getting an error when trying to change my screen name?

A: It is likely because that screen name is already in use.  You can’t duplicate anyone’s screen name.


Q: I forgot my password?  

A: From the main page you can click LOGIN in the upper right.  You will see a “Forgot Your Password?” link at the bottom of that box.  Click it and follow the instructions in the wizard.


Q: Where are you guys located?

A: We are based out of the Pacific Northwest.


Q: Are all pools really free?  What’s the catch?

A: There is no catch.  We offer completely FREE pool hosting solutions.  We monetize our site through Google AdSense. Please do us a favor and spread the word about our site!


Q: How do you make money or monetize the site?

A: We monetize the site through Google AdSense.  When you see ads on pages throughout the site we are paid on impressions so you don’t even need to click on the ads for us to make a little money.  Please support us by playing in our games, sending your feedback and spreading the word to friends & family.


Q: How can I follow RunMyPools on social media?

A: Click the Facebook, Twitter or Google buttons at the bottom of the page to link to us on social media and hear about the latest and greatest.


Q: How can I see my archived pools?

A: Go to MY POOLS and then click “Show All Pools”.


Q: What is the RunMyIf?

A: RunMyIf is an easy way to forecast standings based on certain results.  Just click the RUNMYIF box and then enter the possible outcomes. Click the RunMyIf button to see the Standings according to the game outcomes you selected.


Q: How can I see the rules for my pool?

A: Click the RULES box in the upper middle.


Q: Can I bet money on my pools?

A: is for entertainment purposes only.  We are a FREE pool hosting service and by law we are not able to collect entry fees or pay out prizes.


Q: What is a PickX Pool?

A: At RunMyPools our pick’em games are all based on the Pick X platform.  You can choose the amount of picks required and the rules for your pool. We have them for Golf, March Madness & NFL Football.


Q: How can I print my bracket?

A: Click on the BRACKET box in the upper left and then at the lower left of the page click the PRINT option.


Q: How can I invite people to my pool?

A: Once you create your pool you can go to ADMIN, then INVITE tab and copy & paste the join link in email through our site or your own email client.  Or provide the unique last 4 digits/letters and have people click JOIN POOL and enter that code.


Q: How can I add a “welcome to my pool” note that people will see after the sign up?

A: Go to ADMIN, then the RULES tab where you can add your welcome note.  This will be seen upon logging in for the first time only. In the lower right you can check the “auto-generated rules” box to show the basic rules on the PICKS page.  If you want to add custom rules language or reminders you can do that in the lower right.


Q: How can I see the people who have entered my pool?

A: Go to ADMIN, then the ROSTER tab.


Q: What are the different “Status” types in the ROSTER section?

A: Playing means the entry is active and participating.  Sidelined means the entry has access to the pool and can see standings/results, but can’t make any picks.  Released means they have been removed from the pool completely.


Q: How can I require a real name upon registration?

A: When creating your pool go to ADMIN, then the ROSTER tab and click ROSTER OPTIONS button on the right side.  Then check the “Real Names Required” box.


Q: Can I add custom fields/columns to the ROSTER section?

A: Absolutely.  Go to ADMIN, then the ROSTER tab and click ROSTER OPTIONS button on the right side.  Then click “Add another field” to add your customer field and decide whether you want it to show up in STANDINGS or not.


Q: Can I send an email to my entire pool list?

A: Yes.  Go to ADMIN, then click SEND EMAIL tab.  You can add your text and filters and send.


Q: I’ve registered but now I can’t locate my entry anywhere?

A: Make sure you have entered your email address correctly and password.  If you are having problems please email your Pool Admin or our customer support at [email protected].  


Q: How come my golf pool isn’t scoring during the round?

A: Because we are a FREE site we do not offer live scoring.  All PGA Majors + THE PLAYERS are scored daily at the conclusion of the round.  All other tournaments are scored at the conclusion of the tournament.


Q: How does your missed cut penalty work?

A: We used to use the highest per round score to determine missed cut scoring.  So on a Par72 track if the high round during Round3 was a 78 and then in Round4 was a 80 we would add +14 to every player cut.